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Clay Butler

We Make Healthy Stuff to Eat and Drink

I help companies brand, define and launch their specialty and gourmet foods products. This is what I do for my clients and as the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Future Forward Foods I keep our brands on point and work with Founder Daniel Berg to continually innovate in a quest for nutritional perfection. We're the folks behind DRNX Sugar-Free Adaptogenic Performance Waters and Berg Bites The Original Oat N' Energy Bites and our goal is to get kids and athletes off sugar by offering engaging, delicious and nutritious alternatives to their sugary sports drinks and  syrupy carb-laden energy bars.

My core passions are health, fitness, and social and economic justice and connecting it all is my drive to communicate. Taking complex ideas - then breaking them down into easy to understand imagery, analogies, phrases and words - is my "thing". To stay sane and healthy I've organized my life for maximum surf time and for my mediation, I spend hours alone in nature capturing its beauty in photographs.

Clay Butler

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