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Dena Gould

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Helping you to release your limiting beliefs and embrace your inner light

Dena is a Spiritual Impetus that is inspired to help others tap into their personal power and inner light. Gifted with intuitive abilities from a young age, she learned to channel her natural abilities to help others. While attending massage school, Dena discovered that she also has a healing ability. This led her to pursue professional certifications in different healing modalities. She found that by simply following her intuition she could effectively place her hands on or around the body and cleansing energy flowed. She brings to her practice a unique blend of intuition and professional training that allows her to meet her clients’ needs. She personalizes her sessions to empower each individual on his/her journey.

Dena has been practicing energy work since 2001 and has been certified and practicing the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) since 2003. She also offers spiritual and self-improvement classes, retreats and serves as an educational and motivational speaker.

Hi, I am Dena Gould, and as an intuitive healer and advisor, I help people who are feeling stuck and lacking purpose. I know that you are meant to:

*Resolve past issues, remove current blocks and feel confident!

*Give a voice to your emotions, breathe through and beyond them and change your inner dialog in order to heal.

*Release old trauma in a calm space to move forward in your personal power.

*Free yourself from worry and negative thoughts, learn to just breathe and BE.

*Unblock emotional baggage in a compassionate environment, so you may feel free.

*Take the leap, learn to release the negativity and welcome your spirit back.

I believe that we are all meant to be empowered and confident. I want to help you release your emotional blocks, feel lighter and more authentically YOU. For many clients, just one session has facilitated breakthroughs that could have taken many sessions of traditional therapy to accomplish. Freeing clients of childhood traumas, old stories and offering my compassion and healing abilities are my successes.

I offer a safe, healthy, non-judgmental environment to allow you to release whatever is holding you back and help you embrace your healing. I ask the difficult questions and offer the perfect insight. When you work with me, you will receive intuitive insight, professional guidance, and gentle nudges. As we work together, you will begin to feel lighter and more empowered as you release all that crap that has been holding you back.

By the time we are done, you will tap into what caused your fear, anxiety, self-doubt, etc. You will learn new tools to help you successfully move through your challenges so you can keep moving confidently forward. If this all resonates, take it as a sign and feel free to contact me.


Dena Gould

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