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I'm Helping a Million Women Change the World.

Are you one of them?

As a physician, integrative wellness specialist, transformative coach, and mother of 5 (yes 5!), I'm Helping Women Change the World.  That is my Why, my passion, my purpose.  And one of the ways I do that is by helping brilliant women who feel stuck create clarity.  I help them get out of their own way!  Together we will change the world.  We are Wellness Change Agents!

I'll share more in a minute, but first, here are my Why and Hows.

To align with my Soul’s inspirations and impulses, creating a container for miracles.


-Sharing Vulnerable, Authentic Expressions of Self
-Taking a Stand for What is Right and True--Always
-Surrendering Attachment to Outcome Through Unconditional Trust
-Practicing Radical Self-Responsibility for my Alignment and Transformation
-Being Love

Now for the Whats...

The Clarity Cure

A 45-minute one-on-one strategy session Clarity Blueprint, and 30-day Action Plan.  Why?

So that you are seen and heard with a pathway created just for you
So you can clearly see your next steps
So you can find fulfillment every day
So you can enjoy time with your family and friends
So you can take care of yourself
So you make 2019 the best year yet!

Free Yourself   E-Book Series
Reclaim your power, your passion, and your purpose by Freeing Yourself from Fatigue, Stress, Overwhelm, and more once you learn the four keys to Release the Symptoms.

Release the Symptoms. Free Yourself.
Free Yourself from Fatigue
Free Yourself from Insomnia
Free Yourself from Stress & Anxiety
Free Yourself from Overwhelm

Time Warp:  How to Expand Your Time Without Being Bound to It

As a doctor, entrepreneur, and single mother of 5, I used to always be fighting the clock.  Not any more!  Here I share my secrets not only for time management, but how I expand it--now getting more like 32 hours each day.

Align With Why Packages

Your opportunity to be truly seen and heard as you discover your Why, Hows, potential Whats, and opportunities to increase alignment.  Sorting projects, ideas, and opportunities becomes so easy once you have clarity about what's yours and what's not.

Finally, my background...

I graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1997 and am board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Lipidology. Fortunately, my love of learning didn't stop there! My own personal struggles and experience with trauma started me on the path of holistic and integrative healing modalities followed by transformative coaching.  Not only did they complement my medical training, they transformed my life. I went from merely surviving to lit up, on fire, and thriving!  I couldn't keep it to myself.  I had to share it with you! So in 2018 I made the big leap, leaving my medical career of 20+ years to follow my Why.  And I'm so happy to be here with you.

I believe in authenticity, vulnerability, full expression of Self, radical self-responsibility, leaping without a safety net, Oneness, and empowerment of others to do the same.  How can I help you?



Awards and Affiliations

Best Doctors™ 2009-present
Internal Medicine:  Board-certified since 2001
Pediatrics:  Board-certified since 2002
Lipidology:  Board-certified since 2009
Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP)
Certified Transformative Coach 2017
Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher 2017
Certified Esogetic Colorpuncture Practitioner 2016

Melissa Kalt, MD

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