WU Friend FAQs

A question we love answering! You can read all About Us including our Mission and Vision for The Wellness Universe and the world.

A WU Friend is an integral part of the Wellness Universe eco-system. They are somebody that is seeking healing, support, resources and genuine connection to a wellness community. A WU Friend is somebody who is wanting to be part of something online that feels good and helps create a better version of themselves and a better world. To learn more about our WU Friends or becoming one, please visit here.

WU World-Changers (also called WUVIP – Wellness Universe Very Inspiring Person) are our community of wellness providers, professionals and supporters of wellness in any of the 7 areas of wellness: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual. To learn more about our WU World-Changers or becoming one, please visit here.

To submit a technical issue, use the Feedback Tab at the bottom of your screen.

To answer more in depth questions, please submit a form through our Contact Us page at the bottom of this site.

Emails will be responded to within 72 business hours.

Once you can log into your profile, we suggest these areas get immediate attention:

  1. PRIVACY SETTINGS: Under your Account Management Menu (hover over your profile avatar, top right corner) manage your privacy under ‘Settings’
  2. YOUR PROFILE: Under ‘Profile’
    1. View Tab – This is where your bio displays if your profile is public and your selected interests
    2. Edit Tab –  You will see 4 purple buttons: ‘General’, ‘About Me’, ‘Personal Goals’ & ‘Personal Favorites’-  Explore and edit each area, as desired.
    3. Interests Tab – Select as many as you wish
    4. Profile Photo Tab – Upload an image for your avatar
    5. Profile Cover Photo – Upload a background image

Your profile by default is private. You can make it public by managing your profile under your account setting drop down menu in the top right corner.

You can private message our Premium and Premium Plus World-Changers once you have followed them. (They are identified by their badges in their profile)

You can private message other WU Friends.

A private message can be sent from your ‘Message’ tab on your profile by entering their username. Username handles are located on their profile page on the cover photo. For example: @thewellnessuniverse
A WU World-Changer can also be messaged via their Message tab found directly on their page.

To message a WU Friend, WU World-Changer or multiple people, you can go to your profile, navigate to ‘Message’ and click purple button to ‘compose message’.


WU World-Changers post to the main WU News Feed. You can scroll, comment, like and share to social media from Premium and Premium Plus WU World-Changers once you are logged into your account. Posts from our Freemium WU World-Changers can be seen by visiting their wall on their profile.

The WU News Feed is accessed via our homepage or on the left hand menu identified by a megaphone.

Only Premium and Premium Plus WU World-Changers have the ability to post to the main
WU News Feed.

You can comment on any post by being logged into your WU Friend account.

You will notice our master search at the top of the site. It is purple with a magnifying glass. By entering any search terms in this area, you will discover content throughout the site related to your search.

To search and connect to our WU World-Changers, you can use the Gold and Indigo search bar to find someone specific or keyword specific.

You can also go directly to our WU World-Changer directory or visit the 7 wellness categories:
Emotional Wellness WU World-Changers
Environmental Wellness WU World-Changers
Intellectual Wellness WU World-Changers
Occupational Wellness WU World-Changers
Physical Wellness WU World-Changers
Social Wellness WU World-Changers
Spiritual Wellness WU World-Changers

Navigate to your profile settings to find options to manage which email notifications you would like to receive.

Navigate to your profile to find options to manage your content and images.

Unlike social media sites, we are a community platform making available to you the resources to live a better life. Our focus is guiding and supporting you along your wellness journey. As we develop this site, you will have many options within your profile to manage your well-being while you connect to WU World-Changers and become an integral part of our communities at The HUB (under development).

If you wish to communicate with other WU Friends you have met here, you can message them privately.

Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

The Wellness Universe reviews all WU World-Changers who are found on WU. We vet our members based on a history they present to us to be included on our site and fulfil certain criteria, however, each individual is a free agent and it is your ultimate responsibility to do your research before entering into any agreement, sale, contract, support, etc. with someone. We have various levels of providers of wellness and it is up to you to be sure you find the support that fills your specific criteria, based on your needs.

We will remove any WU Friend who trolls, spams, bullies or acts in a disrespectful manner, towards WU World-Changers or WU Friends, based on terms The Wellness Universe has set.

Members of The Wellness Universe have different opportunities based on their membership level to better serve you.

Purple & White Flame = Premium Plus WU World-Changer
Purple Flame = Premium WU World Changer

#WUVIP – Wellness Universe Very Inspiring Person

This is our hashtag for content across social media so you can find what members are posting. Our WU World-Changers and WU include it on all of our tweets, as well as when we post on our social media profile bios, and anywhere on social media to identify ourselves as WU World-Changers. You can also spot us across the internet by our other hashtag, #WUWorldChanger

You are our #WUFriend and can use that hashtag wherever you wish!

No. We are a platform and while we personally screen every member included on The Wellness Universe, we are strictly a platform for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is your responsibility to use your best judgement upon entering into any conversation, contract or purchasing any product or service through any member of WU. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Please use the Feedback button at the bottom of our site to submit any issues. Please explain what the issue is in detail. Explain what steps you took to arrive at the glitch you’ve encountered. Please include the following:

  • Operating System & Version (Mac vs PC)
  • Browser Type & Version
  • Screenshots

We can only help if we have all of the details. Please be as accurate as possible. Technical issues can sometimes be complicated so please give us as much information as possible.

Please use our Feedback button at the bottom of the screen.

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You may delete your account at any time by navigating to your profile settings and following the “Delete account” link.


Welcome to our FAQs for visitors and registered WU Friends. WU World-Changer Members, your FAQs are located in your account menu dropdown once you are logged in. If you do not see your question answered here, please submit your question via our Contact Us form.