WU World-Changer Membership Levels

Welcome to the Membership of a Lifetime, to expand your lifetime, for you and your business.

What do we mean?

Our WU World-Changer Membership is second-to-none. We are all about giving you all you need to engage in well-being, share your vision of wellness for the world and find the ease, joy and expanding success you seek by being part of an authentic team-come-family of co-creators.

Our buzz is to support and celebrate you in countless ways.

First, our memberships are affordable for all. We’ve done this on purpose – to ensure that every person, whether just starting out or elevating their success, can easily join in.

Secondly, we want to ensure you get the WU World-Changer Membership that best suits you and your current life and business goals, whether you’re just considering, launching or taking to new levels your vision for delivering wellness to the world.

Every member must apply at the Freemium (or Entry) Level, so that we can do our best to ensure that all WU World-Changers are aligned in values and action. Once you’ve applied and been approved, you can Instantly and Easily Upgrade, right in the intro email you receive.

To learn more about benefits and criteria for applying, you can find that here.

Or if you’re ready to forge ahead, here is all you need to consider.

Which level of Membership is right for you?

Geared toward someone who has not yet created a business around their unique contribution in the world, but want to explore and access our wellness community and perhaps learn to expand and develop a dream.

This is where everyone starts out, but if you’re looking for more, we encourage you to leap into our Premium & Premium Plus Memberships below.

Geared toward those who are intent on making an impact with the work they do and seek a grander presence in the marketplace and expanded reach with their message. These levels of membership create high visibility, influence and status. These WU World-Changer Members also play a more intrinsic role in the co-creation of The Wellness Universe. Anyone who is looking for the greatest amplification, opportunities and support – these are the membership levels recommended. When you apply and are approved, you’ll be able to upgrade your membership right in the email you receive!

To find out ALL the details, take a look at our WU World-Changer Membership Comparison Chart below. Here you can see all the levels of potential for engagement and connection with your Premium or Premium Plus Membership, so that you can make an informed decision that is right for you and your goals.

  • A Home to connect with other World-Changers as we believe it is in connection that we can grow both personally and as a society
  • Support and encouragement in fostering your gifts and talents, by providing you with a network of people who will continually cheer you on and share your great works with their networks
  • Your very own personal profile page where you get to share your vision, mission, product/service descriptions and social media links and key word descriptors that allow people in need of your expertise to easily search, find and connect with you directly
  • A space to co-create projects and initiatives with other WU World-Changer Members. We can do greater good through co-creation and cooperation rather than the mindset of competition
  • A place to share your knowledge, LIVE on our own hosted webinar and learning platform
  • Countless hours and thousands of dollars in resources, tips, tools, and opportunities to grow your business via: easy and comprehensive search-ability for those seeking your services; leading-edge marketing strategies; a built-in networking community; opportunity to host live events; support with social sharing, newsletter features; and, many more unique opportunities to get your voice heard
  • A community that believes in transparency and authenticity, ensuring that you are the first to know what is happening and what is on the horizon with The Wellness Universe.
  • AND … If you Upgrade to become a Premium or Premium Plus Member, you will be given first opportunities at interviews, booking live events, discounts and more. Your upgraded Membership will also get you featured and found in more areas on the website so those who are seeking your services can find you easily. You will have blogging opportunities, higher priority in listings, your own store (coming soon!), priority member support, and much, much more!

If you are ready to dive deeper into The Wellness Universe as an upgraded WU World-Changer and receive more amazing benefits from this community, login to your account and click Membership from the top right menu to upgrade your membership.

WU Members Exclusive Benefits Basic Premium Premium Plus
Order of Appearance in Search Results 3rd 2nd 1st
Official Member of The Wellness Universe
Listed in The WU Directory of Resources
Exclusive Access to Private Members Only Community
Profile Included in Public Search with Photo
Network & Collaborate with Community
Members Only Email
WU World-Changer Badge
Your Profile & Microsite
Included in Search Engines
Newsfeed Posts are Public, Post Immediately
Engage on Newsfeed Posts
About Me Page
Listing Blurb
Tag Line
Private Messaging Member to Member
Personalized URL
Profile Viewable by Public Limited Full Full
Blog Within Your Profile
Private Messaging Between Members & WU Friends
Clickable Links in Profile Bio (About Me)
Clickable Phone Number & Address for Mobile Users
WU Ambassadors Support
Welcome Ambassador
Visibility & Impact Ambassador
Engagement Ambassador
Personal Connector Ambassador
Opportunity to be on the WU Team
WU Ambassador
WU Influencer
Group Moderator
WU Leadership Council
Administrative Team
Opportunities for Business Growth, Influence & Earn Revenue
Personal & Business Growth Resources, Training & Tips
WU Connects You Directly with Inquiries & Leads
Featured on WU Wellness Products Page
Referral Program Reward 10% 15% 15%
Special Projects Collaborations (Book Launch Club, etc.)
First Priority for WU Opportunities
Exclusive Opportunities for Collaboration
JV & Partnership Proposals Accepted
Exclusive Opportunities for Collaboration Coming Soon Coming Soon
Keywords Linked to Your Profile 4 6 8
Social Media, Shop & Website Links 3 14 16
Website Link
Facebook Business Page
Twitter Link
Facebook Group Page
Blog Link
WU Author Page
Amazon Authors Page
My Course
My Featured Product
Exposure & Spreading Your Message WU Featured Blog
Author & Contributor on WU Featured Blog 1 article /Month 2/Month 3/Month
Links in Blog Article No Link 1 2
Core Blogger Opportunity
Blog Series Opportunity
Monthly Series Opportunity
Opportunities for Social Media Exposure 1M+ Followers
Access to WU Groups/Pages
WU World-Changer Feature Day
WU Quotes You & Shares Your Profile Link
Specials & Discounts on Classes, Events, etc.
Your Videos Shared to WU Social Media & WU Newsfeed
Extra Boost on Instagram
The Lounge (Learning Center Webinar Platform) Instructor Account
Instructors Account
WU Expert Opportunity
WU Produced Exclusive Projects, Forums, Panels, etc.
Your WU Series Promoted
Member Support
Member FAQs Access
Members Only Meetings with Q&A
Email Support
WU Ambassadors Welcome & Guidance
Personalized Email Support
WU Personal Connector Ambassador Support
Phone or Video Chat Support
Meetups & Networking Events
Attend WU Hosted Meetups/Networking Events Free Free Free
WU Shares Your Meet-Ups
Featured Visibility Across WU & Newsletter Feature
Featured Member in Category Search Results
Your Profile Suggested on Profiles
Your Quote Featured in Newsletter
Featured Member in WU Newsletter
Featured Member on Home Page of WU
Live Events, Exclusive Invite Only Events, Speaking & Workshops Opportunities
In Person Panels
Breakout Talks / Workshops
One on One Sessions
Mainstage Talks / Workshops
Invite to Exclusive Special Events.
In Content Ad in Your Blog Article Full Price 20% off 30% off
Simple Ad in Newsletter Full Price 20% off 30% off
Promote Your Product/Service/Launch (WU to The Rescue) Full Price 30% 40% off
Mastermind, Mentoring & Support Virtual Live Sessions Full Price FREE FREE
Upgraded Member Private Group
Collaborate, Post, Tips, Help & Exclusive Opportunities
Get Interviewed by WU
Written Interview Published on WU Featured Blog
Live/Recorded/Facebook Live
Monthly Subscription $19.99 per month $39.99 per month $49.99 per month
Annual Subscription Save 25% - $14.99 per month
($179.88 billed annually)
Save 30% - $27.99 per month
($335.88 billed annually)
Save 35% - $32.49 per month
($389.88 billed annually)


Already a Member but Ready for More?

If you are ready to dive deeper into The Wellness Universe as an upgraded WU World-Changer and receive more amazing benefits from this community, login to your account and click Membership from the top right menu to upgrade your membership.

Our greatest hope is for each and every one of you to be able to wake up every day doing what you love. Let us begin helping you build that limitless dream today!