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Hosting Webinars are Easy, Successful & Fun at The Lounge by The Wellness Universe

Do you give or want to give webinars? If your focus is to make the world a better place through your workshops, instruction or information giving a webinar is a great way to connect with people. The Lounge is the best webinar spot for wellness related topics on the internet! Wellness Universe (WU) World-Changers host webinars live and offer recordings. Free and For-a-Fee webinars are offered to make your life happier and healthier, and have you walk away feeling better! Host your webinars with unlimited seats by becoming a WU World-Changer, free!

Why host your webinars on The Lounge by The Wellness Universe?

  • The Lounge has technology and support to help you, unmatched by other services.
  • You are promoted through The Wellness Universe and Learn It Live included with your membership.
  • Wellness Universe community is your built-in audience and social sharing support to get your webinar promoted.

Just a few things people are saying about The Lounge:

“The best solution for giving webinars on camera, with or without a presentation. Super fast recorded version! Usually available in a few hours from my live class. I have experienced services that took 2 days. Unlimited seats and the ability to sell my classes over and over with unlimited live attendance is by far two of the greatest benefits. I love the easy technology – they thought of everything and keep upgrading.”  Anna Pereira

“I love this platform!  I am used to giving truly live classes and was worried I wouldn’t feel connected to the attendees but this was not the case!  Between the live video and the ability to upload a pdf to use as a slide show, the webinars are very easy to put on.  The platform itself is user friendly and easy to learn.   You can ask folks to interact with you through the icons and the public chat.  The Wellness Universe has other forums for webinars beat hands down!”  Dru Ann Welch

“I have used a number of different plateforms to host webinars and I find this one delightfully user friendly with a number of options avaiable to fit your style of presenting. Not only am I able to interact with my participants either via live chat/video I love the chat room where my moderator can montitor questions. It is easy to learn and having the Wellness Universe community to support market your webinars across many social media platforms is a must have to gain exposure and grow your business!” Di Riseborough

“The Wellness Universe is excellent in providing yet another avenue to showcase our voices and knowledge! This easy to use platform allows you to share your style and teachings with an audience you could not reach without TWU. Thank you Anna and Shari!” Suzie Daggett

“I have used many webinar platforms over the past several years, and I just have to say The Wellness Universe Lounge is one of the best! It is easy for the presenter to use, user friendly for people to sign up and view, handles the collection of money effectively, well supported with help files and videos and is a wonderful way to connect with my audience with the combination of streaming video, slides, chat and more. It is my favorite membership ‘perk’ as a member of the Wellness Universe. And on top of all of that – the help from both The Wellness Universe and Learn It Live has been enormous in spreading the word about my webinars. For me – that support is invaluable.” Sharon Carne

Host your webinars with unlimited seats by becoming a WU World-Changer, free!